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Dirt Music - Meet the Film Makers Event - Saturday 17 November

Lunches with...

The ECCI have reformatted the monthly 'Business After Hours' networking events to what will now be 'Lunches with...'. Lunches will be hosted by ECCI Business Members and will focus on topics that are relevant for you and your business and will help you identify opportunities to grow your business. Both ECCI Members and Non-Members will be invited to attend Lunches with, which will be FREE for ECCI Members and offered at $20 per person for Non-ECCI Members (this must be pre-paid).

Included here is the ECCI Expression of Interest for hosting a Lunch with. If you are interested in hosting one of these events during 2018 please complete and return the EOI as soon as possible as places fill fast.

If you have any questions about the Lunches, please contact Kylie Ryan or Alice Wilson at the ECCI and please feel welcome to share this information and the invitation.

Business Local - Information Sessions, Seminars and Workshops

From the moment you decide ‘to go it alone’ and start your own business you’ll never stop learning. Covering a range of key business topics, our practical workshops are packed full of key information and useful hints and tips. They are the perfect way to get your business skills up to speed. We offer a range of workshops that are tailored to be relevant for your business. Please click here for a list of our upcoming workshops. 

Our next workshop will focus on Facebook and Canva Marketing on Thursday 27 September, 2018. 

WA Small Business Day - Saturday 27 October 2018

Small Business Day is taking place on Saturday 27 October 2018.
It is a statewide movement. 
It is a 'Think Small First' event to raise awareness about small business in Western Australia.
It is about celebrating our passionate entrepreneurs, butchers, mechanics, artists, accountants, gardeners, interior designers, foodies, personal trainers (must stop... we could go on and on).
Our small businesses are at the heart of what makes our local communities great.  We know, without small business, a community doesn't thrive.  Without small business, our economy would not survive.  Small business are a huge part of our life.
They are the lifeblood of Western Australia.  There are more than 210,000 small businesses in WA which encompasses a massive 97 per cent of ALL businesses in the state.  Small businesses employ nearly half of ALL jobs in Western Australia.
Impressive right?
It's time to celebrate these things and remind ourselves to think small first.
It's a great time to get involved.
As a Shopper - Think small first...  
On 27 October 2018!
Step 1.  On Saturday 27 October make the decision to do all your shopping at small businesses. 
Step 2.  Think beyond 27 October 2018! 
The way we shop influences what is available to shop in.  How do you normally shop?  Small businesses keep the large and global corporations more competitive.  When a small business disappears - so does our diversity and variety.  We can't afford that.  Instead of shopping at a large business, how about shopping at an independent store or a small business?
For everyone:
On 27 October 2018!
Step 1.  Visit your favourite small business, take a photo and post on our Small Business Matters Facebook page or tweet it - and go in the draw to win a fantastic prize (to be announced).  Use the tag #smallbizwa
As a Business 
Step 1.  Join the movement.  Upload your logo or photo on our supporter wall here.
Step 2.  Let's get loud!  Download a poster and stick on your business window - help communicate why small businesses are important to our community!  You can also download an e-signature and other materials to use at 
On 27 October 2018!
Step 1.  Take a photo and post on our Small Business Matters Facebook page or tweet it - and go in the draw to win a fantastic prize (to be announced).  Use the tag #smallbizwa
Let's get the buzz happening to encourage everyone to support small businesses.
Kids and Schools:
Small business is at the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship. We need our next generation to be inspired to being their own boss.  To create new ideas and learn how to run a business. 
Use the link below to access the Small Biz Website arts and crafts activities on their resources page that you can download including some key (but fun!) information on what it is like to run your own business.