About ECCI
The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) is a not-for-profit organisation, working as the voice of private enterprise in Esperance.  Our Mission is to help cultivate an environment in the Esperance Region where businesses, new or existing, can thrive. 

As the peak representative body of the Esperance business community, we lobby on behalf of our members to ensure that the business community in Esperance has a strong and respected voice. The ECCI works collaboratively with organisations, aiming to advance the need of the business community in Esperance.   

The ECCI is associated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia and is an active member of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia. We are a Non-Government, Not for Profit Organisation funded through Corporate Sponsorships and Local Business Memberships.

Our Role

The role of the ECCI is to 'be the voice' and to represent local businesses at National, State, Regional and Local Government Levels. The ECCI acts as an advocate on behalf of local businesses and takes their concerns and issues they have identified to Government agencies in order to seek solutions.

The ECCI also plays an active role in promoting Esperance and the South East Coastal Region in order to bring economic benefits to the area and local businesses through increasing the number of people who come to the region either to visit or to live.

The ECCI can help to promote local businesses, their products and services through our media channels, networks and events. The ECCI can also help connect local business owners to contacts and information to assist them with growing their business.

The ECCI offers a FREE Service called ' Business Local' and our Business Adviser can assist Business Owners both one on one and through group workshops to gain skills and access support across a wide range of business types. You do not need to be a member of the ECCI to access Business Local.

The ECCI meet with Key Stakeholders including Government Ministers, Regional Chambers of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA twice a year, which provides the ECCI with an opportunity to present the issues and the achievements for Esperance and the region.

The ECCI also meet with Large Corporation Entities and Significant Providers such as Telstra and Horizon Power and work with these agencies to obtain responses to issues that ECCI Member Business Owners have raised.

The ECCI is however only as strong as our membership base and the more business members we have - the louder our voice when representing local businesses. We currently (May 2017) have a membership base of between 150-200 business members but we know there are a lot of businesses in Esperance and the surrounds who are not members.

If you are not a member of the ECCI - please consider taking up membership with us. You may also like to consider becoming a Corporate Sponsor of the ECCI - we offer a range of Sponsorship Levels and Benefits. For more information about membership and / or sponsorship benefits you can call us on 9071 5142 or email ceo@esperancecci.com.au

The ECCI would like to thank our Corporate Sponsors and also our Business Members for their support.