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Business Local - Free Advice and Guidance for your Small Business

Business Local is a free service for new and existing businesses. We provide free, confidential and practical assistance on a wide range of business related issues, including but not limited to:

  • Business planning
  • Financial management
  • Business structures
  • Contractual governance
  • Insurances
  • Marketing
  • Intellectual property
  • Human resources
  • Capital requirements and sources
  • Business sustainability
  • Profitability, competitiveness and productivity
  • Growth management
  • Exit strategies

Who is your Business Local Advisor in Esperance?

Tammy Maloney is your Esperance Business Local Advisor. Contact details for Tammy are:

  • Office Location: Suite 26B Dutton Arcade, 91 Dempster Street, Esperance WA 6450
  • Phone: (08) 9071 5142
  • Mobile: 0438 034 391
  • Email: 

Small Business Workshops

From the moment you decide ‘to go it alone’ and start your own business you’ll never stop learning. Covering a range of key business topics, our practical workshops are packed full of key information and useful hints and tips. They are the perfect way to get your business skills up to speed. We offer a range of workshops that are tailored to be relevant for your business.

May 2018 Workshops include:

​     ​     

June 2018 Workshops include:

​     ​     ​     

Small Business Development Corporation

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) provides free advice for small businesses in Western Australia.

Visit their website for, latest news, workshop information, contact details and much more. 

Business Local Blog

What Makes an Effective Manager? 

What makes a good manager? Click here to listen to the blog and find out seven tips to becoming an effective manager. 

Structuring Your Business
When creating a business plan there are many factors to consider. Click here to listen to the blog and find out exactly what to consider when structuring your business plan.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Business Local works with businesses to ensure a business owner makes the most of their strengths and eliminates weaknesses. It doesn’t always start with numbers, it can be about who you can help and what problem you can solve. Click here for more or here to listen to the blog.

Personal Property Securities Register

Using the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) can protect you as a business owner when you’re buying, selling and leasing or hiring business assets. So, what is the PPSR? PPSR is a single access point for businesses and consumers to register and check security interest on personal property. Click here from more or here to listen to the blog.

Employment Obligations

When you employ someone whether they be adult, a trainee or an apprentice both parties must adhere to employment obligations. Click here for more or here to listen to the blog.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when a criminal gains access to your personal information (such as your name, address, date of birth or bank account details) to steal money or gain other benefits. Click here for more or here to listen to the blog.

2018 Survey Shows Confidence Growing in WA

Each year since 2004, the Small Business Development Corporation has asked small business operators what they’re expecting for the year ahead. Small business respondents were generally optimistic about the economy, their expected sales/revenue and business profitability. Click here for more.

Workers Compensation

This is for the employers who understand what a worker is, who accept their responsibility and cover their workers for compensation. Defining what a worker is exactly is for another day but for those people who accept their obligations, there are ways that could lead to reducing the cost of workers compensation which are ethical, legal and give you peace of mind. Click here for more or here to listen to the blog.

Pro-bono Legal Services a Boost

The Small Business Commissioner, David Eaton, recently joined the Minister for Small Business, Hon. Paul Papalia CSC, and the Attorney General, Hon. John Quigley, at the John Curtin Law Clinic to mark the establishment of its pro-bono legal service for small business. Located in the CBD, services at the John Curtin Law Clinic are provided by final year law students supervised by qualified practising lawyers. As a result, students gain practical legal skills and specialist knowledge while small business clients get access to legal advice and remedies they could not otherwise afford. Click here for full arictle or here to listen to the blog. 

Great ways to Slash your Expenses

Small business owners are always looking for ways to make more money, but in reality there are two main ways; sell more at a profit or spend less. Click here from some great ideas from our team of experienced advisers to help you put more money back in your pocket or here to listen to the blog.

Is your Customer, Always Right?

Customers are wise, even when they are being irrational, their perception, fortunately or unfortunately, is your reality in business. The customers perception is your truth. Your perfectly functional item can be deemed totally unsuitable simply because it doesn't match the colour they want. Please click here for full article or here to listen to the blog.