Customer Service of the Month Award

Did you know that the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) coordinate the ‘What Did You Think of My Customer Service’ program? This program encourages members of our community to nominate people who have given them great customer service. This system encourages people to recognise good customer service when they receive it.

If you would like to sponsor a Customer Service Award please contact the ECCI Chief Executive Officer, Kylie Ryan at  You can choose which month of the year you would like to sponsor and your sponsorship includes being featured in ECCI Social Media and on the ECCI Website, and in the Esperance Express Customer Service Award Winner Article and Photo. Sponsorship is only $500 + $50 GST - sponsors provide a high resolution logo and a short blurb for the ECCI and the Esperance Express to include in promotion of your sponsorship.

Anyone can nominate an individual for the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry Customer Service of the Month Award. Simply call our office on 9071 5142 or email the individuals name and business name to

Providing great customer service is vital to a thriving business and it is exciting to see excellent customer service skills recognised. Good customer service adds value to any business and business owners should be proud of the achievements of their staff.

We congratulate those who have been nominated and we encourage all local businesses to continue to provide great customer service, which helps to make the Esperance business community thriving, friendly and vibrant.

Customer Service of the Month Award Winners 2019

  • January -  Gemma Saillard NAB Esperance
  • February - Aurelia's Ice Creamery and Cafe
  • March - Colin Brand Castletown Primary
  • April - Anna Stweart Bob and Jim's General Store

Photos of Winners