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The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) is a not-for-profit organisation, working as the voice of private enterprise in Esperance.  The Chamber’s Mission is to help cultivate an environment in the Esperance Region where businesses, new or existing, can thrive.  As the peak representative body of the Esperance business community the ECCI lobbies to ensure that local business has a strong and respected voice.


This tender is CURRENT

· TenderLink Ref : ESPER-793044...
· Type of Notice : Request for Quotation
· Region : Western Australia
· Contract Value : Not Specified
Closing Date/Time 01/02/2018 5:00 p.m. NSW

The Shire of Esperance invites submission from suitably qualified and experienced Contractors to undertake maintenance works on the Esperance Town Boat Ramp and James Street Jetty. Closing date 2.00pm AWST, Thursday 1 February 2018.

For more information or to Register to Tender please visit


This tender is CURRENT

· TenderLink Ref : ESPER-792717...
· Type of Notice : Request for Tender
· Region : Western Australia
· Contract Value : Not Specified
Closing Date/Time 22/12/2017 5:00 p.m. NSW

The Seller is seeking to sell twenty seven (27) lots of Land located within the town site of Esperance WA, which are owned in Freehold. The Land for sale contains no structures or leasing arrangements.

For more information or to Register to Tender please visit


Local Content and Local Procurement – the WA Jobs Bill 2017


One of the Western Australian State Government’s key election commitments is the passage of the Western Australian Jobs Bill 2017 (WA Jobs Bill) and the introduction of the associated Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS). Attached you will find all of the draft documents that will sit below the Jobs Bills – with the key driver being to generate greater opportunities for local industry to supply to the Government market. This initiative will be supported by the newly created Industry Participation Advisory Services (IPAS) and regionally based Local Content Officers.


The ECCI is a champion for local content, and we think that this strategy has the potential to make a truly positive difference to regional business communities. The Department has asked us for feedback by December 14th on these draft documents – which we know is not great timing, however this is such a vital issue for all of our members. ECCI will be sending feedback through on behalf of all of our members, so if you have time to send us your dot point views on this, that would be great. Please click on the following links to view the Draft Documents:


​1. WA Industry Participation Strategy

2. WAIPS Implementation Guidelines

3a. WAIPS Standard Participation Plan (Core) All Projects

3b. WAIPS Standard Participation Plan (Full) Goods and Services Contracts

3c. WAIPS Standard Participation Plan (Full) Housing and Works Projects

4a. WAIPS Standard Participation Plan Reporting Template (Core) All Projects

4b. WAIPS Standard Participation Plan Reporting Template (Full) Goods and Services Contracts

4c. WAIPS Standard Participation Plan Reporting Template (Full) Housing and Works Projects

5. WAIPS Suppliers Guide

6. WAIPS Feedback Template

​Economic and Industry Standing Committee - Regional Airfares Inquiry

The Economics and Industry Standing Committee have tabled a Report in Parliament following their Regional Airfares Inquiry.

To access the Report please click here.

Extended Christmas Trading Hours

Esperance Council’s application for extended Trading Hours has been approved. This allows retail shops throughout the town to be open on Christmas Eve.

Council resolved to apply to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety for a Temporary/Short Term Adjustment to enable Retail Trading Hours in the Shire of Esperance to be extended to include between 10am and 4pm on Sunday 24 December 2017 at a Special Council Meeting on 7 November.

The extension means that “General retail shops, other than motor vehicle shops, in the Esperance local government district are authorised to be open at times when those shops would otherwise be required to be closed on Sunday 24 December 2017 from 10.00am until 4.00pm” as per the approval from Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Managing Annual Leave and Business Shut Downs Over Christmas 

Many businesses find the Christmas period is one of quiet trading and so will typically close part, or all, of the business temporarily for a couple of weeks on and around Christmas. Typically, shutdowns occur around Christmas but can also include other periods throughout the year such as Easter, for example.

The following are some considerations to keep in mind over the Christmas period:

  • How this period is paid;
  • How public holidays interact with annual leave being taken;
  • What happens if an employee is sick over this time and claims personal leave;
  • Managing reasonable refusals to work on public holidays;
  • Managing annual leave requests over peak trading times.

How to pay over a shut-down period

National system employers (typically businesses that are Pty Ltd or Inc. and are financial corporations or carrying on trading activities etc.) can require employees to proceed on annual leave during shutdown periods where:

  • they are award or agreement free; or
  • they are award/ agreement covered and the industrial instrument provides the ability to direct employees to proceed on annual leave during shutdown periods; and
  • the requirement is reasonable.

Where an industrial instrument is silent on the matter of annual shutdowns, there will generally be no ability to direct employees to take annual leave during a shutdown period. Additionally, consideration must be had to the length of time over which the shutdown occurs as it may be considered unreasonable to enforce a lengthy shutdown period and require staff to utilise a large proportion of their accrued annual leave. Generally, a one to two-week period would be considered reasonable.

Shutdown provisions in awards or agreements usually require the business to provide staff with a minimum notice period before shutting down. This is often around 4 weeks, but it is important to check any underpinning industrial instrument as to the specific requirement in each case.  If the notice is not prescribed in the appropriate instrument then it is the employer’s responsibility to provide reasonable notice.

If an employee has insufficient paid annual leave accrued to cover a Christmas shutdown period, the employer and employee can agree to authorised unpaid leave over the period. When there is no such agreement and the relevant industrial instrument does not contain provisions that require unpaid leave to be taken where there are insufficient annual leave accruals to cover shutdown, there will be an obligation to pay employees for the ordinary hours they would have worked during that period. This is the case, despite the business being closed. This payment is necessary in order to meet the business’s contractual obligations to its staff.

In a recent decision by the Fair Work Commission as part of the 4-yearly review of modern awards, affording annual leave in advance of accruals is a provision that has been inserted into many modern awards. While in many instances now, there is a mechanism to provide this entitlement to staff, it is important to consider the ramifications of allowing this during annual shut down periods. Where annual leave is granted in advance of accrual, it may be difficult to recover this, particularly where an employee leaves before accruing the deficit amount. If your business does have a practice of shutting down over Christmas, it is recommended advising new employees upon commencement and ensuring all staff and managers manage annual leave throughout the year to ensure sufficient accruals are present at the time of shutdown.  

How to handle public holiday pay in this period

Where an employee is on annual leave over the Christmas period, and that period contains a public holiday, then the employee will need to have their annual leave recredited for the public holiday day and instead be paid for the ordinary hours they would have worked on the public holiday. This is because the Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act) states that; if a public holiday falls during a period of annual leave then the employee is taken not to be on annual leave on that day and instead must receive payment at their base rate for the ordinary hours they would have worked on that day. The same applies in the case of personal/ carers leave.

Illness or Injury during a shutdown period

If an employee falls ill or gets injured during a period of annual leave they may be entitled to be paid personal leave and have their annual leave recredited for the time spent accessing personal leave. This is subject to the employee satisfying notice and evidence requirements, as outlined in the Act. In the event that an employee accesses personal leave over a period that contains a public holiday, they will be entitled to payment at their base rate of pay for the ordinary hours they would have worked on that day, if not for the public holiday. 

Reasonable refusals and managing end of year absences

The Act allows an employer to request an employee to work on a public holiday, so long as that request is reasonable. The following are some of the considerations outlined in the Act when determining whether a request is reasonable.

  • The nature of the workplace or enterprise (including operational requirements);
  • The employee’s personal circumstances;
  • Whether the employee is entitled to overtime, penalty rates or other compensation;
  • The type of employment;
  • The amount of notice given of the requirement to work and the amount of notice of any refusal.

CCI’s recommendation is to organise rosters for these days well in advance to give sufficient time for issues to be addressed promptly. If working public holidays is to be the norm then ideally this should be reflected in the contract of employment. Employees not showing up for scheduled shifts is a common problem and so employers need to stay vigilant and promptly manage employee non-attendance on and around public holidays.

Managing Annual Leave Requests 

The Act provides that accrued paid annual leave may be taken as agreed between the employer and employee, provided that an employer must not unreasonably refuse a request to take paid annual leave. This means that where an employee has accrued annual leave and they apply to take that leave, their employer can’t refuse the request unless they have reasonable grounds for doing so. 

Where you have multiple requests for leave and it is not operationally viable to approve all of these, it is important to ensure that your decision to approve / not approve is not based on unlawful discriminatory grounds. This might include family responsibility, illness or injury, age, gender or some other prescribed discriminatory ground.

If, due to Christmas being a peak trading period/ a busy time of year for the business, and the granting of annual leave during this time is not operationally viable, this should be clearly communicated to staff from the outset and well in advance of the period concerned. It is advisable to include provision in employees’ contracts making clear that annual leave requests around this time of year will generally not be approved. It may also be advisable to supplement this with a leave policy that reinforces this point. While this may be communicated, because of the Act’s requirement to not unreasonably refuse annual leave requests, it will still be critical for any such applications received for the Christmas period to be considered on a case by case basis. In some instances the leave may need to be granted where it would be unreasonable not to do so.

State System Employers 

The above information is relevant to national system employers. While many of the requirements above are similar for employers and employees operating in the state industrial relations system, there are subtle differences. It is therefore recommended the employers seek professional advice on these matters before taking action.  

If you would like more information about annual shutdowns or any other matters outlined above, contact the CCI Employee Relations Advice Centre on (08) 9365 7660 or email

​Horizon Power Update on Distributed Energy Future - November 2017

Please see posted here some key messages around the distributed energy future Horizon Power is working towards. There are some exciting trials and projects underway.

For more information visit

​Esperance Anglican Community School - Big Picture: A New Learning Opportunity Information Evening on Monday 30 November 2017

The Esperance Anglican Community School would like to invite you to attend their Big Picture: A New Learning Opportunity Information Session to be held on Monday 27 November commencing at 5:30pm.

This Event may be of interest for those already mentoring EACS students through this program and will provide an opportunity for those who are interested in becoming a mentor through the Big Picture Program.

A fabulous initiative to support a positive way of learning and passing on skills from those with experience to those who are just learning. Please show your support by considering becoming a Learning Mentor

​Esperance Aviation Community Consultation Group - Update 16.11.2017

The ECCI attended the Aviation Community Consultation Group (CCG) Meeting today with Rex Regional Airlines and Department of Transport Representatives who have shared some Frequently Asked Questions information with us that we hope will be helpful for Business and Community Members.

Please let us know if you have any feedback for the Department of Transport and / or Rex Airlines and we can relay the information to them. Any suggestions for solutions to issues you may have experienced are very helpful and would be greatly appreciated. You can provide feedback to ECCI by phone on 9071 5142 or email

The ECCI are working with the Aviation CCG and Rex to coincide the next CCG Meeting with a Business After Hours which would give everyone the opportunity to come along and meet with their representatives, hear more about our airline service and ask questions.  For more information visit


Annual General Meeting

The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be holding their Annual General Meeting at 12 noon on Wednesday 1 November 2017.  For copies of the minutes from the 2016 AGM, please click here
Nominations are now open for the 2018 Executive Committee, a copy of the Executive Committee Induction Pack can be found here, a copy of the Executive Nomination Form can be found here, a copy of the Ex Officio Nomination Form can be found here, and Notice of the Meeting can be found here.

Please RSVP to the ECCI office for catering purposes.

Annual General Meeting
From 12 noon, Wednesday 1 November 2017
Goldfields Esperance Development Commission, Suite 26C Dutton Arcade
Esperance WA 6450

For more information on nominating for the Executive Committee please call Kylie Ryan, Chief Executive Officer on 08 9071 5142 or email

Please RSVP to attend the AGM to the ECCI Office for catering purposes to Tammy Maloney by Phone: 9071 5142 or Email

Tourism Esperance Annual General Meeting

Tourism Esperance will hold their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 31st October 2017 at The Pier Hotel, Cocktail Lounge, 47 The Esplanade, Esperance.
5:30pm – 6:30pm - Tourism Esperance AGM
6:30pm – 7:30pm - Networking Function (Drinks & Canapés)
Please email your availability to Milton Valli: by Saturday 28 October 2017 for catering purposes.

​Eagle Petroleum now in Esperance and offering Harvest Fuel Price

Eagle Petroleum (WA) Pty Ltd is a family run and operated company, who have extended their bulk fuel and oils services from Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields to Esperance.

Eagle Petroleum pride themselves on a high level of customer service to a wide range of customers at a competitive price.

For a full list of their products and services, please visit their website at

To receive your red hot harvest fuel price, please phone Bob Cooper on 0404 000 905 or our Head Office on 08 9022 7711.

They look forward to hearing from you.

​Shire of Esperance Tender for Construction at Lake Monjingup

The Shire of Esperance invites submissions from suitably qualified contractors to construct the Lake Monjingup Educational Shelter.

Closing date 2.00pm AWST, Thursday 16 November 2017.


Fore more information please visit the Shire of Esperance Tenderlink Website at

Shire of Esperance Policy Workshop - Wednesday 18 October


The Shire of Esperance Council have resolved to adopt draft policies under the revised Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2016. The purpose of these draft documents is to stimulate community discussion for a number of different subject areas including:

  • Traders and Itinerant Vendors
  • A-Frame Signage
  • Buskers and Street Entertainers
  • Outdoor Eating Facilities in Public Places

A twenty one (21) day public consultation period is to commence from Monday 9 October 2017. A workshop will also be conducted on Wednesday 18 October at the Esperance Civic Centre - for more information please see hereThis process will assist in the formulation of final policies put forward to Council for consideration. More information can be found at 

AusIndustry Business Services - AusIndustry Innovation Programmes

$1.57 million in incubator grants to help Australian start-ups crack global markets

Four more innovation incubators will receive a total of $1.57 million to expand the support they offer, helping more Australian start-ups enter global markets like Asia and the US.

The four Incubator Support grants are:

  • $500,000 for Flinders University’s New Venture Institute, to establish the eNVIsion Limestone Coast incubator at Mount Gambier, South Australia. This regional incubator will deliver localised acceleration and innovation programs, workshops and international study tours to help start-ups in the region develop their competitiveness in exportmarkets.
  • $500,000 for Blue Chilli Technology to expand the SheStarts Global Growth Accelerator, which helps later-stage, female-led companies develop skills for scaling their businesses and establishing distribution channels in the US and Asia.
  • $500,000 for Collective Campus to broaden its Corporate Accelerator programs, which provide start-ups from a variety of sectors with guidance, education, access to co-working spaces, networks and funding to facilitate growth.
  • $73,000 for FD Global Connections, partnering with Tyro Payments Limited, to deliver their “USA Accelerate Program”—a targeted incubator program to help Australian start-ups break into the lucrative US market via New York.

Find out more about the Incubator Support initiative at

In addition, there is now a feedback service provided on draft applications.

​Update on OSH Penalties in WA

As flagged by Minister Bill Johnston in August, the Occupational Safety and Health Amendment Bill 2017 has been introduced into the Legislative Assembly (11th October) to increase penalties in line with the rest of the country. The Bill however has allowed for inflation and has rounded (up)  the figures for ‘simplicity’ which means WA now has the highest penalties in the country.


The proposal for expanded enforceable undertaking options (in line with the model WHS Act) to be introduced with the increased penalties was discussed at a Ministerial Advisory Meeting and consequently dismissed.


Explanatory Memorandum:$File/EM%2B35-1.pdf


Draft Bill:$File/Bill035-1.pdf

​ECCI Member Benefits - Employee Relations Advice Centre

Did you know that as a Member of the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) you can access the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) Employee Relations and Advice Centre (ERAC).  The ECCI are working with CCIWA to educate our Business Members on the scope of this fabulous service and to let them know that they have access to this support.  As part of raising awareness of the benefits of ECCI Membership and accessing ERAC support as part of ECCI's partnership with CCIWA we will be sharing regular information updates.  The first update for our Business Members can be found here and includes topics relating to Changes for Franchise Groups, Changes to Agreement Making, Changes to Award Penalty Rates and Review of the State Industrial Relations System.  The ECCI would like to thank CCIWA for providing us with this information and we look forward to continuing to share updates with our Business Members.

​Tourism Esperance Holiday Giveaway - Ultimate Esperance Experience

Tourism Esperance are pleased to launch their Ultimate Esperance Experience Holiday Giveaway.  Please see the Press Release included here with more information about the competition, prize package, key dates and important notes.  Tourism Esperance encourage everyone to support and share the Ultimate Esperance Experience Campaign to make the most of the added exposure for your business.

​Seize the Opportunity - Free Trade Agreement Seminar in Albany

Discover how Australia's Free Trade Agreements with China, Japan and Korea can benefit your business.  Mr Rick Wilson MP, Federal Member for O'Connor invites you to a seminar to explore the opportunities created by the North Asia Free Trade Agreements (FTA's).

Whether you are an experienced or potential exporter come along to this Seminar in Albany to hear from key speakers and equip yourself with the information to help realise the benefits created by the China, Japan and Korea FTA's, including Frequently Asked Questions about tariffs, grants and other assistance.

The Seminar will be held in Albany on Monday 6 November - for more information please refer to the Event Flyer here.

​Shire of Esperance - Feedback Invited

Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2016

Council have resolved to adopt draft policies under the revised Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2016. The purpose of these draft documents is to stimulate community discussion for a number of different subject areas including:

  • Traders and Itinerant Vendors
  • A-Frame Signage
  • Buskers and Street Entertainers
  • Outdoor Eating Facilities in Public Places

A twenty one (21) day public consultation period is to commence from Monday 9th October 2017. To assist in getting this out to the community I was hoping to use your network and make the offer if it fits to be apart of any CCI monthly events.


This process will assist in the formulation of final policies put forward to Council for consideration.


The policies and Council Agenda item can be found at:


​NBN Update - Sky Muster

NBN UPDATE: From October 2017 nbn aimed to double the maximum monthly wholesale data limits and increase average peak download plans by up to 50 per cent on the Sky Muster™ satellite service.

The ECCI is pleased to share yesterday’s nbn media announcement that retail service providers are now selling new Sky Muster plans. The changes will see wholesale allowable peak plans on the Sky Muster™ service go to 150 GB (from 75GB) and total monthly plans go to 300GB (from 150GB).

nbn has spent the past six months resolving operational issues on the Sky Muster™ satellite service following feedback from the community and rural industry groups and are grateful for the patience of all those who have had a less than positive experience in their first year of operating the Sky Muster™ satellite service. nbn are pleased to report the changes made have resulted in positive feedback.

Extensive testing has allowed nbn to monitor and research the delivery of the service in real-world conditions and identify efficiencies that have resulted in an increase to total capacity available on the service.

nbn is already beginning to investigate new enhancements on the service such as an education multicast wholesale product to help to deliver long-distance education and an enterprise grade wholesale products to provide access to additional capacity and customer service support for regional businesses. nbn will continue to keep us updated on their progress.

Please see the links included below to nbn's media release and blog article:



The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) would like to give a big THANK YOU to Vita Group Limited and Telstra Store Esperance for providing us with an IPhone 6 to help us stay connected. With communication being a vital tool in business the ECCI certainly appreciate being able to keep in touch with our local and regional business members.

Thank You to the wonderful and helpful staff at Vita Group Limited and Telstra Store Esperance for supporting the ECCI. For more information about Vita Group Limited visit their site at and for more information about Telstra visit

NBN Wholesale Rates for Businesses


This week NBN announced changes to its wholesale pricing model aimed at making its business-grade services more competitive and flexible. Please see the link below to their media release for more details.


The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) have released a Brief regarding Changes to On-selling of Electricity and Gas.
You may be aware that with effect from 23 December 2016, new rules and responsibilities apply to the on-selling of electricity and gas in Western Australia. Small business landlords, property managers, commercial and retail tenants should familiarise themselves with these changes.
The brief from the SBDC regarding the changes and the implications for small businesses is included here for your information.

Workers Compensation Campaign - Goldfields Esperance

WorkCover WA are the authority responsible for regulating compliance with the Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 (the Act). Where a Business employs workers it is a legal requirement for workers' compensation to be held.

WorkCover WA inspectors visited Esperance, Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun between 11-15 September 2017 to verify that employers hold current workers' compensation policies.

WorkCover WA have asked the ECCI to assist in raising awareness of employers' duties to insure workers. The key messages from WorkCover WA include:

- you must have insurance if you employ workers, including family members paid to work in your business
- contractors and sub-contractors with their own ABN can also be 'workers' and may need to be covered by your insurance policy
- workers' compensation insurance does not automatically renew each year
- you need to follow up with insurers and brokers to obtain an insurer issued Certificate of Currency
- public liability insurance is not the same as workers' compensation insurance

More information is available from WorkCover WA at or you can contact the WorkCover WA's Advice and Assistance line on 1300 794 744

​WA State Budget Released - CCIWA News Release & Full Budget Analysis

The WA Budget has been released and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA have provided us with this News Release and their Full Analysis of the Budget. Please see below for details and Please share to help spread the word - Thank You

The McGowan Government's first budget has delivered a blow to business by increasing the payroll tax burden at a time the state can afford it least.

While the Government has claimed that small and medium businesses will not be impacted by the... decision to increase the WA payroll tax rate for businesses with a national annual payroll of more than $100m, CCIWA knows this is not true.

Any additional impost on business large or small will affect the entire business community as the costs are passed through the supply chain and by dampening investment appetite and confidence.

At a time when more than 3,000 people are leaving WA to head east per quarter, this budget needed to restore confidence to boost business investment and employment - instead it does the opposite.

In CCI’s pre-budget submission, we outlined key policies that, if implemented, would have helped the Government to achieve a surplus by the end of the forward estimates. This should not have been achieved through shortsighted cash grabs that will result in less jobs and a decline in business investment, but through fiscally responsible spending restraint.

Please click on the link below to see CCIWA’s in-depth analysis of how the 2017-18 WA State Budget will affect your business.

Park Fee Increases for 2017 - 2018

Please see details included here for you of increases for 2017 - 2018 to Park Entry Fees and for Commercial Tour Operators.

2018 Science and Innovation Awards OPEN NOW

The Science and Innovation Awards are open to 18-35 year old scientists, researchers and innovators with original projects that will contribute to the ongoing success and sustainability of Australia’s agricultural, fisheries and forestry industries. The Awards support the development of new approaches to industry issues. Applicants must currently be working, employed or studying in one of the industries (including food and sustainable natural resource management). Further information regarding eligibility and general FAQs can be found here.

On offer is up to $242,000, or up to $22,000 for each of the following 11 industry categories:


Award sponsor

Red meat processing

Australian Meat Processor Corporation


Australian Pork Ltd


Australian Wool Innovation


Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Health and biosecurity

CSIRO Health and Biosecurity


Dairy Australia

Fisheries and aquaculture

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation


Grains Research and Development Corporation

Meat and livestock

Meat & Livestock Australia

Established, new and emerging rural industries

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Viticulture and oenology

Wine Australia

Applications close on Friday 13 October 2017. The recipients of the awards will be publicly presented as part of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) Outlook 2018 conference in Canberra. Winners are then invited to apply for the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources’ Award, which provides additional funding for an extended research project.

The Science Awards are coordinated by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), in the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. For further information on the awards and how to apply, visit

Please contact the Science Awards team with any questions – Science Awards or phone 02 6272 2303 / 02 6272 2260.


​Esperance Solar Power - working in partnership with Horizon Power

The ECCI has had several enquiries from our Members in regards to Solar and Renewable Energy options and we have been asked to help sort the fact from the fiction in terms of what can and can't be done at this time and what the procedures and costs are for installation of solar and renewable energy options.  To help get the correct information out to the community the ECCI has started a Facebook Page called 'Esperance Solar Power' which provides information and updates for the community and local businesses.

Please see here for the updated Renewable Energy Based Systems application form for grid-connected solar systems and the connection application form here which can be used for standalone systems.

Customers wanting to be quoted on a Horizon Power supplied and operated standalone system (which would be considered as part of Horizon Power's grid) need to complete the connection application form.

At this stage, it doesn’t have a section specifying the standalone option, so you would need to indicate on the form if you want that option quoted.

Most customers wanting a new connection ask Horizon Power to quote on overhead, or on both overhead and Solar Powered Systems, which is why this form is used. Horizon Power then contact them to get more details and to arrange a site visit.

Please note that standalone systems can be quite expensive. The five that were installed for selected rural customers after the fires cost Horizon Power an average of $120,000 each.

Customers can purchase smaller systems privately for in the region of $60,000.


The Shire of Esperance is seeking quotes to prepare a redevelopment masterplan for the Esperance Seafront Caravan Park.

The Esperance Seafront Caravan Park is one of a diminishing number of coastally located caravan parks within town sites in Western Australia and is located on the corner of Norseman Road and Goldfields Road in Esperance. It is the largest caravan park in Esperance and manag...ement has only recently reverted to the Shire of Esperance following the expiry of a lease with a commercial operator. A manager has been contracted to undertake the day-to-day park requirements on behalf of the Shire.

Presently the majority of the caravan park assets are aged and limited upgrade and replacement has occurred over the past few years.

A briefing and site Inspection can be organised for potential respondents on request. Tender documents can be found at: 

What is the Esperance Brand?

The development of an Esperance Brand was a Royalties for Regions, SuperTowns initiative. Having a strong brand allows Esperance to stand out from the crowd and draws positive attention to what makes Esperance unique. It is about making the most of future opportunities by creating a strong recognition within our key markets and attracting future population growth and investment to our region.

The Esperance Brand highlights Esperance as a destinati...on of choice to:

  • Attract people to live and seek employment in Esperance
  • Attract investment into Esperance
  • Attract more visitors to Esperance

The brand seeks to differentiate Esperance from other towns, regions and cities from around Australia and creates a lasting impression on those who visit here. In Esperance we create our own story.

The Esperance Brand reflects the values of Esperance businesses, the tourism industry and the broader community. The Brand includes guidelines and a toolkit on how to use the brand and how the brand was developed.

Esperance: Create Your Own Story is about promoting our authenticity, liveliness, uniqueness, warmth and re-connection. These are the attributes that make Esperance what it is. It is how we behave, how we talk between ourselves and to others and how we conduct our business. Our 'brand' can be reflected in many ways but it helps to be consistent and we don’t need to wait for things to happen; we can just get on with it and make it happen.

Esperance: Create Your Own Story helps to tell the stories of the Esperance Community - we work together when needed, we are independent, resilient and resourceful. People come here to visit and decide to stay and become residents.

The Esperance Brand is designed to help us highlight why Esperance should be the destination of choice to LIVE, WORK, INVEST & VISIT. As Business Owners and Community Members we can help to make this happen by sharing and branding our stories to showcase our amazing community.

Esperance businesses and community members are encouraged to use and support the brand to build a stronger recognition of Esperance to outside markets and potential visitors.

What is your Esperance Story?

Esperance's Waste Revolution Workshop - Wednesday 26 July 2017


It was great to see so many people in attendance at the Waste Revolution Workshop on a Winter’s evening.  So much great information was shared around and shire councillors and staff are excited about the future prospects of working in collaboration with the community in sharing Waste minimisation projects and ideas.


Please see the links below to some informative websites.  The Shire of Esperance will keep us up to date on how our input last night has assisted with the Community Waste Strategy 2017 – 2027.


Southern Ports - Esperance Expressions of Interest for Voluntary Redundancy Wednesday 26 July 2017

  • Southern Ports – Esperance has called for expressions of interest from port zone-based staff who may wish to take a voluntary redundancy.
  • The move follows continued strong trade at Esperance but a drop in the amount of ship loading and unloading work contracted to Southern Ports.
  • Southern Ports will continue to provide stevedoring services to existing customers.

Southern Ports - Esperance has opened expressions of interest for voluntary redundancy for staff based at their Landside Restricted Zone.

The EOI process is open to 133 staff members at the Port who have received a personalised information pack which includes a calculation of their redundancy entitlement, as well as details of support services available including financial and personal counselling.

It's important to note this is not an offer of voluntary redundancy: After collating expressions of interest, Southern Ports - Esperance will work one-on-one with their staff to determine whether and how voluntary redundancies may be offered. They cannot predict how many staff will respond, nor how many they can accommodate. 

What they can say is that during the past 18 months, Southern Ports has successfully attracted new trade to Esperance, including export of woodchips, spodumene, nickel and copper concentrate which has supported new jobs and industry in the Goldfields-Esperance region.

At the same time, Southern Ports has not secured any of the stevedoring work associated with that new trade. Southern Ports does not have sole rights to stevedoring at Esperance. In fact they are one of four stevedores in operation on-site, meaning they must compete to win work.

Southern Ports - Esperance were not successful in two competitive tender processes, have lost existing work, and are likely to lose more.  Their workforce has been aware of the change in circumstances, and enough staff expressed informal interest in voluntary redundancy to suggest it was an avenue worth exploring.

Southern Ports - Esperance are responding in a genuine and transparent way to that request, and will continue liaising with employee representatives, including relevant unions, as they have done for some months. Throughout this process their priority is to support staff in making the right decision for their personal circumstances.

The EOI process will close on August 4, after which Southern Ports management will engage with staff one-on-one to consider the best way to take Southern Ports stevedoring services into the future.

Should you have any queries in relation to this matter, you can contact Southern Ports - Esperance general manager Alan Byers on 

​Shire of Esperance - Jetty Working Group - Esperance Jetty Update

​The Shire of Esperance and the Jetty Working Group have provided an Esperance Jetty Update via a Media Release on Monday 17 July 2017 which can be found here.  The Working Group is this week considering a proposal for the Esperance Jetty and have released a 'Jetty Detail Design Concept Report' that outlines the proposal.  Any comments or feedback from the Esperance Community and surrounds can be provided directly to the Shire of Esperance.  The Report is available on the Shire of Esperance website at

​Shire of Esperance - Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2016 - UPDATED

Please see the information included below for you in regards to the Shire of Esperance ‘Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2016’ which has been updated.

The Shire are keen to obtain feedback in regards to the updates and to hear from ECCI Members about what types of signage they would like to use and in what ways. It may be possible to arrange an information session where people could come together to hear from the Shire and to share their thoughts in regards to the changes to this Law if this is something that would be helpful for you.

The Shire of Esperance Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2016 has been updated and provides opportunity for a number of activities on Council managed lands that previously were not permitted.

The amended local law can be found on the Shire’s website, at the following link.

Whilst the purpose and intent of the local law is to manage and control activities in thoroughfares and public places throughout the Shire, it also provides a process to establish the requirements of these activities. The Shire is aware of how this local law can add vibrancy, colour, and character to our community and will be seeking input from the ECCI as policies and guidelines are drafted.

For further information please contact the Shire, or Paul Clifton Manager Development and Statutory Services on 9071 0638 or via email

Please feel welcome to contact Paul at the Shire to provide feedback and / or to let him know that you would be keen to attend an information session. Please also feel welcome to share this information with your contacts who may not be Business Members of the ECCI but this information would be relevant for them.

Shire of Esperance - Tender Opportunity - Limestone Crushing

Please see below for a Business Opportunity Current Tender in the Shire of Esperance Ref Number 0070-17 for LIMESTONE CRUSHING
Details for the Tender include:
TenderLink Ref: ESPER-771796
Type of Notice: Request for Tender - Region : Western Australia Contract Value: Not Specified
Closing Date/Time: 13/07/2017 4:00 pm NSW
The Shire of Esperance invites submission from suitably qualified contractors to provide Limestone Crushing services within the Shire of Esperance.
To register to receive Shire of Esperance Tender Opportunity Updates please access the link. You can also enter the TenderLink Ref on the site to find out more about this Tender.

Extension of Shark Monitoring Network to Esperance

Thank you to the community for your support of the online survey which helped determine the preferred locations for the two satellite-linked receivers, as part of the extension of the Shark Monitoring Network to Esperance.
Following stakeholder consultation and an online community survey, Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly announced on Tuesday 20 June 2017 that receivers were to be deployed at Kelp Beds and West beaches.
The deployment was successfully completed at Kelp Beds on Wednesday 21 June and West Beach on Thursday 22 June 2017. Receivers can now detect tagged sharks in the area, and in real-time, upload information regarding the shark to the SharkSmart Activity Map and the Surf Life Saving WA Twitter feed. A text message will be sent to relevant organisations including the Department of Fisheries, Shire of Esperance and Esperance Goldfields Surf Life Saving Club.
For Social Media users you can also Like and Follow 'Dorsal South West Shark Reports' on Facebook.

Update on Rollout of NBN in Esperance - Tuesday 20th June 2017

The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) has arranged to catch-up later in 2017 with NBN Representatives to provide an update on the nbn rollout within the Shire of Esperance. NBN are happy to provide a detailed update for Esperance by presenting in person later this year.
In the meantime ECCI has obtained a high level summary from NBN included for you below.
Summary of nbn™ deployment for Shire of Esperance;
1. Esperance fibre to the node (FTTN) nbn service is under construction and progressing towards ready for service from early September 2017
2. Sky Muster™ satellite service available to eligible premises now
The nbn rollout is now over 50% complete nationally with the aim of 75% complete by June 2018. nbn has a renewed focus on providing education on the nbn and as such has created an nbn 101 page which provides information on the rollout, technologies, speed, how to connect and much more
nbn has also updated the nbn address checking tool to provide information on the technology to be provided at each premises as well as a the timing of the rollout - for a footprint view check the rollout map -
Here are some useful links for our community:
• Learn about the nbn network -
• The network explained -…/…
• Speed explained -
• Information for connecting home & business -…/check-your-address.html
• Fibre to the node (FTTN) explained -…/fibre-to-the-node-explained-fttn.… this includes a downloadable connect kit and from here there is also a link for SkyMuster explained

The Engine Room for Growth - WA Small Business Report 2017

The 2015 Federal Budget referred to small businesses as the ‘engine room’ of the economy. Australia’s changing economic landscape means that governments are placing greater emphasis on the important role of small businesses for growth and employment. This is not unique to Australia, with small firms seen as the driving force of growth across many of the developed OECD nations.


The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) has released a Report 'The Engine Room for Growth' - The Role, Performance and Future Prospects of Small Business in Western Australia. This report examines the history of WA’s small business sector, its current contribution to the WA economy, and the future prospects for small businesses in the state. You can find the report at: For the BCECMedia Release about the Impact of Payment Delays on Small Business please click here.


The Report asks if small businesses are in fact the engine room for growth in WA, by looking at their value added and employment contribution to the economy. The factors contributing to and impacting on their survival, growth and succession are also included in the Report.


Key findings are supported by the BCEC Small Business Survey 2017. With 1,500 small businesses surveyed, this new dataset ensures that the diverse nature of the small business sector in WA, at both a regional and industry level, are adequately captured and represented.


Tourism Esperance - Benefits of Membership

Esperance and invite you to consider becoming a member and taking advantage of the opportunities membership offers.

A comprehensive list of Member Benefits is included in the Tourism Esperance Membership Prospectus here and a Membership Application is included for you here.

Tourism Esperance aims to achieve economic and social benefits for member businesses and the community while ensuring the integrity of the region’s vibrant culture, heritage and environment is maintained.

Tourism Esperance members share a commitment to the development of sustainable tourism in our region and your membership fees and other cooperative activities enable more effective promotion of Esperance as a leading national and international tourist destination, helping to build the tourism potential of the region.

Our Mission
To develop partnerships and links with industry stakeholders to support tourism development and destination marketing, thereby increasing tourist visitation to Esperance and surrounding areas.

Who We Are

Tourism Esperance is an incorporated membership based not-for-profit tourism organisation managed by a committee of passionate local volunteers. We represent businesses benefiting from tourism (both directly & indirectly) within the Shire of Esperance. We also work closely with our regional tourism body, the “Australia’s Golden Outback” region. The Tourism Esperance board is made up of eight elected committee members, and three constituent representatives.

The role of Tourism Esperance is to create, promote and distribute destination marketing for our region. We build and nurture partnerships between the Shire of Esperance, Esperance Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Goldfields Esperance Development Commission, Industry Stakeholders, Australia’s Golden Outback, Tourism Council of WA, and our valued Tourism Esperance Members. We are the operational connection between our shire and Australia’s Golden Outback (AGO), and provide important input into the future planning of tourism in the Southern Coastal sub-region of AGO. We lobby & develop stronger communication and relationships with Tourism WA, AGO and other relevant Tourism bodies, for the benefit of members.

We maintain a positive relationship with other Visitor Servicing bodies (Visitor Centre’s, Shire Information Centre’s, Community Resource Centre’s) and provide support to our members by ensuring they are kept informed of matters affecting the Tourism Industry. Tourism Esperance also encourages and supports the visitation of Cruise Ships to Esperance, and assists members with access to Cruise Ship passengers as they arrive.


“Experience Esperance” is the official destination marketing initiative created by the Tourism Esperance committee and represents the very best experiences that Esperance & the South Coast region can offer. Visit, stay, live or work in Esperance & we encourage you to share the experience by utilising our hashtag #experienceesperance.

If you would like further information regarding your membership with Tourism Esperance Tammy Maloney on 0419 938 647 or

2017 Budget Summary prepared by Albany CCI CEO Russ Clark

Please click here for a budget summary that Russ Clark form the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry has prepared and click here for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA’s media statement regarding infrastructure spending in WA.


​Help to Find and Recruit Job Ready Young People


Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare-Trial-Hire) is a new Australian Government program that makes it easier for you to find and recruit the right young person for your business.


Prepare: Young people aged 15–24 will undertake Employability Skills Training to better prepare them for work in your business.


Trial: You can trial a young person aged 17–24 in an internship for between 4 and 12 weeks and receive a payment of $1000 (GST inclusive) to help cover the cost of hosting the intern. Interns receive a $200 fortnightly incentive payment on top of their income support and are covered by insurance, both paid by the Australian Government.


Hire: If you hire an eligible young person aged 15–24, you can receive up to $6,500 or $10,000 (GST inclusive).


For more information about the program please see the Fact Sheet here and Frequently Asked Questions here.


If you have a vacancy that needs filling now or in the near future, visit or call 13 17 25 to find out more.

Useful Links for Small Businesses to use when Employing People

State based Industrial Relation System information can be found at the Department of Commerce. They also produce a guide for small business employers. Another source of useful information in regards to attracting and retain a workforce in WA (including workforce planning) is the Workplace Essential website. This site has been developed by a range of partners including the Small Business Development Corporation and there are some useful checklists and fact sheets which again would be useful to employers in general. For employers in the national Industrial Relation System, the Fairwork Ombudsman website has heaps of information. Members may want to reference some of the available templates and guides and the online training available. There is also a dedicated small business page which members could review for useful information to develop their own fact sheets if applicable.

Regional Express Airlines (REX) FAQ Update May 2017

Please see the latest update for Regional Airlines (Rex) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Fact Sheet Information included here for you.

In particular, we would like to raise awareness of the Rex Promo/Community Airfare on the Albany and Esperance routes.

The Rex Promo/Community Airfare is the result of a partnership agreement between Rex, Perth Airport and the regional airports respectively operated by the City of Albany and Shire of Esperance. The partnership agreement provides growth incentive arrangements for Rex in respect of airport taxes and for Rex to provide discounted airfares.

The Rex Promo/Community one way fare is $129 on the Perth-Albany and Perth-Esperance route, inclusive of all fees and charges. Of these, the airport taxes and GST amount to $65.44 and $55.91respectively.

Special conditions when booking a Rex Promo/Community Airfare and how to book include the Rex Promo/Community Airfare being available for all unsold seats 24 hours before flight departure and for passengers booking a flight more than 60 days in advance. Depending on the flight times, between 10 per cent and 25 per cent of the seats are set aside for the Rex Promo/Community fare. The fare can be purchased online via subject to availability.

Shire of Esperance Tender 12 May 2017 - Sale of Land 'Flinders Estate'

Please see included for you here details of the Shire Tender - Sale of Land in Flinders Estate. Included for you are also details of which Lots are for Sale and the Procurement Timeframes for the Sale of this Land.

​Changes to Australian Standards in the Steel Sector

The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) and the Industry Facilitation and Support Program for providing us with information regarding the Changes to Australian Standards in the Steel Sector.

CCIWA helped promote the new AS 5131 and the Department of Commerce Industry Facilitation Support Program. The next round of the highly popular Industry Facilitation & Support Program (IFSP) will co-fund up to 75% of the cost of certification.

The new Standards will feature:

* Product Conformity - This is the requirement for the fabricator to produce evidence that the project has been supplied in accordance with the client or engineer's specifications. It consists of a declaration of conformity, valid and compliant material test certificates (steel and bolts) and any welding or other documentation required by the client.

* Construction categories - This establishes the risk, use and complexity of construction of the project. The basis of the NSSCS is that conformity and capability assessment should be proportionate to the risk categorisation of the structure as is universally accepted across similar compliance schemes worldwide.

Included here for you is some information regarding the changes and the program and if you have any further questions please contact: Daniel Holbrook, Principal Supply Chain Consultant, CCIWA Industry Capability Network WA, 180 Hay Street, East Perth, Western Australia, 6004
T: (08) 9365 7436
M: 0401 745 554

​Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

The Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, the Hon Angus Taylor MP, announced ( on 17 March 2017 that the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program( is open for applications until 30 June 2017. The $50 million program encourages collaborative smart city projects that improve the liveability, productivity and sustainability of Australian cities, suburbs and towns. Dollar-for-dollar grants of between $100,000 and $5 million are available for projects that apply innovative smart technologies which generate, store, communicate and process data to target urban challenges.  Eligible applicants must have an ABN, be registered for GST and be one of the following:

  • a local government agency or body
  • an entity incorporated in Australia
  • an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust
  • a not for profit organisation
  • a Publicly Funded Research Organisation (PFRO)

Projects must include at least one local government agency or body and one private sector organisation, but wider collaborations are well regarded.  Local governments that are new to smart cities and smart technology can register for the Future Ready incubation package. This package is not directly linked to the grants application process but supports capability building in local government. The package will provide participating local governments with the opportunity to collaborate with industry, build organisational capability, establish partnerships and develop innovative smart city plans and projects. Information about the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program, including the program fact sheet and program guidelines is available at


New Google Feature - Inside View / Virtual Reality available to Esperance Businesses

An exciting new feature on Google maps is being made available to Esperance which will allow businesses to provide a virtual tour of their location.

Currently with street view, online browsers can see a business’ shop front however the upgrade will now allow you to go inside the business. The links here show examples of the new inside view / virtual tour for:

The online giant will have a photographer in the region next month to update the street view extension for any business interested.

Cube Online’s Luke McAllister says the new feature provides a host of benefits.

“It’s a marketing tool - it actually gives customers instant engagement on Google and it can be placed on their own website and Facebook too”

“When you add it to your listing you basically get preference from Google - so it increases your ranking and you also get highlighted within the map.”

“Google have found that businesses get 130 per cent more engagement with a virtual tour on your listing so it’s quite significant for businesses.”

According to Google, four out of five people use the search engine to find local businesses and Mr McAllister said 18 per cent of all local searches lead to a purchase within 24 hours - so it’s imperative to get that engagement.

For details on how to book in your business - please email Luke McAllister at

Luke will be in Esperance until this Friday 24 March and can arrange to catch up with you to provide more information about the new Google Feature.

​Esperance Town Centre Parking, Traffic and Pedestrian Strategy

The Esperance Town Centre Parking, Traffic and Pedestrian Strategy is currently out for community comment and the Shire of Esperance is keen to make sure it suits local businesses, particularly in the town centre.

Please access the link for information on the consultation and copies of the plan:


Shire of Esperance - Tenders at 17 March 2017


This Request has been developed to enable the Shire of Esperance (Shire) to establish a Panel of Pre-Qualified Suppliers (Panel) capable of providing professional services on as required basis, to assist and enhance the Shire's permanent work force during the 2017/18 financial year.
This panel will include Drafting Services, Land Surveying Services and Environmental Services.



This document specifies the requirements of the Shire of Esperance for the Supply, Installation and Repair of Tyres within the Shire of Esperance.


To download and view the documents associated with these Tenders you need to access the link and register on the Shire of Esperance E-Procurement / Tender site.  Once you are registered you can access Tender information and will also receive notice when new Tenders become available.


WA Labor Forms Government


Congratulations to Mark McGowan and WA Labor for their win in the WA state election on Saturday.  Regional Chambers of Commerce will be making contact with the new Premier and his new Cabinet to meet with them as soon as possible.  For a full list of the new Ministers of the McGowan Labor Government Elect and their portfolios which has just been announced please click here.  Regional Chambers of Commerce will also be writing to Colin Barnett and other outgoing Ministers who we have worked with during their terms to thank them for their contributions.  We will also be writing to Brendon Grylls with a genuine thank you from all of us at Regional Chambers of Commerce for his efforts as a champion for the regions.


Penalty Rates


We have had some members raise questions in regards to the recent decision regarding Penalty Rates handed down by the Fair Work Commission. Here is the Small Business Development Centre link that should be helpful in answering many of your questions


Information from Work Cover WA


Work Cover WA have been visiting quite a few regional towns and cities in the past few months to chat about employer liability, workers compensation and injury management and what employers need to know. Included here for you is some information our members may be interested in.


Are you a Board or Management Committee member for a community organisation? Make sure you don’t become personally liable for uninsured workers’ compensation claims. For more information about when workers’ compensation insurance is needed and how to get it visit


WorkCover WA will be visiting employers in regional areas with a focus on the construction and road transport industries. Inspectors will visit workplaces to check for valid workers’ compensation insurance for all workers, including employees and contractors. Inspectors can issue infringement notices and non-compliant employers can be prosecuted. In most instances, insurance premiums cost a fraction of the penalty for non-compliance. Talk to your insurance broker or insurer.  For more information visit


The Cruise Ship 'Sirena' was scheduled to visit Esperance on Wednesday 29 March 2017. The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide an update as to whether the ship will berth or will tender passengers to shore as soon as we receive notice.  We have just been advised that the “Sirena” has experienced some rough weather on its journey to Perth and will now stay an extra night in Fremantle Port, which means their Esperance day visit is cancelled for Wednesday.



The Cruise Ship 'Astor' will visit Esperance on Sunday 12 March 2017. The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry have been advised that the Astor will berth at the Port, at 9am.  Shuttle buses will transfer passengers out of the Port, through town, to the Whale Tail car park.  The Tourism Esperance Marquee will be setup at the Whale Tail to greet the shuttle buses and passengers and to provide helpful information.  Please be aware that there is likely to be increased foot traffic in the CBD and let's all make an effort to welcome passenger visitors to our community so they enjoy their time here and might return again.

ECCI Customer Service of the Month Awards for Jan and Feb 2017

Did you know that the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) coordinate the ‘What Did You Think of My Customer Service’ business cards program, where the public nominate people who have given them good customer service for the ECCI Customer Service of the Month Award. This system encourages people to recognise good customer service as and when they receive it.

Anyone can nominate an individual for the ECCI Customer Service of the Month Award.

Providing great customer service is vital to a thriving business and it is exciting to see excellent customer service skills recognised. Good customer service adds value to any business and business owners should be proud of the achievements of their staff.

We congratulate those who have been nominated so far this year including Jane Andrews from the Esperance Motor Hotel and Shyanne Thomas from Australia Post.

The ECCI encourages all local businesses to continue to provide great customer service, which helps to make the Esperance business community thriving, friendly and vibrant.

If you would like to know more about the Customer Service Award and how to nominate, please contact the ECCI office on 9071 5142 or

Shire of Esperance - Tender Opportunities at 9 March 2017

Please see the information below regarding Tenders that have just been posted through the Shire of Esperance. Many of our Business Members have asked us about the Tender process for the Shire of Esperance – which involves registering to receive Tender notices through the Shire of Esperance Tender website. We thought we would share the information below with you in case you are interested in Tendering for any of these activities. Please feel welcome to share this information with other business members that may be in a position to tender to provide any of the relevant services for the activities included below.

Intent to establish Panels of Pre-Qualified Suppliers.
The Shire of Esperance intends to establish panels of pre-qualified suppliers (Panel), for the 2017/18 financial year. The panel will be for a variety of plant equipment for the following subcategories Dozer, Grader, Trucks and Trailers, Loader, Scraper, Water Tanker and Trailers, Low Loaders, Stabiliser Equipment, Rollers, Excavators, and Bobcats/Skid Steers.

Intent to establish Panels of Pre-Qualified Suppliers.
The Shire of Esperance intends to establish panels of pre-qualified suppliers (Panel), for the 2017/18 financial year. The panel will be for a variety of parks & reserves maintenance for the following subcategories Chemical Spraying, Fencing Maintenance, Mowing Services, Coastal Infrastructure Works, Horticulture Maintenance Solutions, Roadside Vegetation Management, and Tree Maintenance Services.

Intent to establish Panels of Pre-Qualified Suppliers
The Shire of Esperance intends to establish panels of pre-qualified suppliers (Panel), for the 2017/18 financial year. The panel will be for traffic management for the following subcategories Traffic Control, Traffic Control Equipment and Traffic Management Plans.

This Request has been developed to enable the Shire of Esperance (Shire) to establish a Panel of Pre-Qualified Suppliers (Panel) capable of providing building services on as required basis, to assist and enhance the Shire's permanent work force during the 2017/18 financial year.
The Shire, under its Building Asset Management Program, maintains in the vicinity of 100 building assets ranging from public conveniences through to purpose built facilities such as the Bay of Isles Leisure Centre and the Civic Centre. These buildings are located throughout the Shire and the Pre-Qualified Supplier will be required to travel to such buildings.

This Request has been developed to enable the Shire of Esperance (Shire) to establish a Panel of Pre-Qualified Suppliers (Panel) capable of providing workshop services on as required basis, to assist and enhance the Shire's permanent work force during the 2017/18 financial year.
The Shire operate and maintain a range of heavy plant, light fleet and miscellaneous plant items which are used for construction and maintenance of the Shire's infrastructure assets, and to enable the mobilisation of the Shire's work force. Plant and fleet are utilised at various locations within the Shire's boundaries, and Pre-Qualified Suppliers may be required to travel to such locations as directed.

For more information or to register to receive Tender Notices for the Shire of Esperance please visit:

Adventure Camp Esperance (ACE) 2017 - Sunday 16 to Saturday 23 April 2017

Esperance Bay Rotary Club with support from the Esperance Rotary Club is conducting a camp for  youngish adults with disabilities in April this year.  The camp is designed to give participants fun and challenges – and for some, simply being away from home is a challenge! Importantly – the camp gives the primary carers of the person with a disability some valuable respite. You may know of ‘Handicamp’ -  the camp is based along those lines.

Adventure Camp Esperance (ACE 2017) will be held from Sunday 16 April to Saturday 23 April at the Esperance Anglican Community School.  The Camp can have 15 participants who need to have one on one carers, 24/7  for each, staying with them in the boarding facility. There have been many participant (camper) nominations but sadly some will not be able to attend if there are not enough Carers.

You, or people in your networks are being asked if you can help the Rotary Clubs? The Camp will be fun with lots of activities planned including 4 wheel driving and sandboarding; a Hollywood night with a ‘formal’ dinner; fishing and boating; crafts including pottery; a farm day; sports day, disco and lots more. 

Carers do not have to be experienced. Your role is to support and encourage the participants to have a go, be a friend, encourage them to mix if need be. Some people may need assistance with dressing and perhaps even personal care but that will be minimal.  The accommodation facilities are fantastic – mostly you will share a twin room with your camper. Each room has an en-suite.  There will be full use of the school facilities with meals prepared in house including breakfast and dinner at the school and lunch at the activity site.

Rotary Clubs of Esperance would really appreciate it if you could think about this and also give some thought to others who may be interested. There is NO cost to Carers, and Campers are only being asked to pay $50 for the whole week. For more information about ACE please click here and for an application form to nominate to be a Carer at the Camp please click here.

Banners in the Terrace Arts Project - Entries Close Friday 31 March 2017

Each year, Esperance has the opportunity to showcase our beautiful region and our local talent to thousands of people visiting the Perth Central Business District during July.

Banners in the Terrace is one of WA’s biggest community arts projects, featuring around 80 banners from Councils all over the State.  The banners are displayed along St Georges Terrace and Adelaide Terraces, during the Annual Local Government Convention each year.  One of these banners could be yours on show!

The Shire of Esperance is holding a competition to find the best local design and are looking for design entries from individuals, schools, community groups and professional artists within the Esperance region.  The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Members First’.

A gift voucher from a local business to  the value of $100 will be awarded to the winner, and a $50 gift voucher each for two runners-up.  The winners will be announced at the WA Local Government Convention and Exhibition.

Information and guidelines about this exciting project can be found hereEntry forms are available from the Shire website (link below) and need to be submitted to the Shire of Esperance by 31 March 2017, so get out your brushes, fire up your computer or clean the lens of your camera and get creative!

Toastmasters Club in Esperance - Demonstration Meeting Tuesday 14 March 2017

There has been interest in the community to establish a Toastmasters Club in Esperance. What is a Toastmasters Club? The objective of the club is strengthen communication and foster leadership development.  If you would like further information their website is  or click here.

The ECCI is helping to share this message with the community and community groups and individuals who may be interested in being involved. This is a great way for those who are looking to build their confidence with public speaking or may even have a one off speech to give that is filling them with dread. The group assists in providing advice, highlighting what has been done well and making recommendations for further improvement.  For more information about Former Toastmasters and their Vision please click here.

If you would like to be involved head to a demonstration meeting on Tuesday 14th March at Esperance Community Arts at 6.45pm or contact Marilyn Southern on 0408 602 330.  If you know of any groups or individuals who could be interested in being involved please share this information with them.

Esperance Business Development Centre - Demystifying Intellectual Property Workshops on 14 March 2017

The Esperance Business Development Centre have organised a visit by leading Patent and Trade Mark Attorney Mark Pullen from Watermark IP who will present a number of sessions as well as provide subsidised one-on-one consultancy between 14-15 March 2017.  Please click here for more information.


The Business Development Centre - Esperance is located at Suite 9, Esperance Business Centre, PO Box 1009, ESPERANCE WA 6450. Contact details are: Phone: 08 9071 3377, Fax: 9071 3339, Mobile: 0418 805 862, Email:

Horizon Power Media Release - Friday 3 March 2017

Please click here to view the Horizon Power Media Release regarding the 'Subsidy for Regional Power Slashed' and dated: 3 March 2017.

Thank You to Horizon Power for their work in Regional Western Australia and reducing their overhead costs in order to ensure that the subsidy for regionally based customers in WA is able to be retained.


The Cruise Ship “Astor” will visit Esperance on Tuesday 21 February.  The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) has been advised that the “Astor” will be tendering passengers to the Taylor Street Jetty from 9am.  The Tourism Esperance Marquee will be setup on the foreshore lawn in front of the Scout Hall to greet passengers and to provide helpful information.  Please be aware that there is likely to be increased foot traffic in the CBD and let's all make an effort to welcome passenger visitors to our community so they enjoy their time here and might return again.


Horizon Power have been unable to access the Jerdacuttup and Hopetoun rural areas for the past four days.  Horizon Power are attempting to access these areas today – a crew has just left Esperance – and hope to restore power to the 21 customers who have been without power since Saturday.  Horizon Power have been given clearance from the Shire of Ravensthorpe and Main Roads this morning to attempt to access Jerdacuttup, Springdale and Steerdale Roads in the rural Hopetoun area where there are currently 21 customers without power.  Road conditions remain treacherous, but the Horizon Power crew will make every attempt to get through and restore power to these customers later today.  Anyone wanting more information should contact the Goldfields Esperance Horizon Power office on 9072 3400. Any customers without power in the Hopetoun area should please call 13 23 51 and report a fault.


The past week has included several days of torrential rain and there has been significant impact caused by flood waters across Western Australia – including our Region.


The event has now been declared a natural disaster and Western Australia Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (WANDRRA) has now been activated. Please CLICK HERE to see the WANDRRA Web Notification Document for more information regarding the Local Government Areas that have been affected and the guidelines and contacts for accessing WANDRRA.


The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) would also like to gather business and industry specific information as to the impact of the floods on small business in our region so that the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) can assess if any action needs to be taken.


Can you please contact us at the ECCI by phone (08) 9071 5142 or email and let us know if your business and / or industry has been affected and how.

SMART TIPS FOR TRAVELLERS - Kindly Provided by Esperance Physiotherapy

Getting the most from your holiday involves enjoying both the trip and the destination. While the focus is often on the destination, following some important tips can also make your trip both safe and enjoyable.


  1. Preparation - Sort out your aches and pains a month before travelling to allow solutions to take effect and avoid that last minute rush.
  2. Planning - look at your total distance and plan for activity breaks every 250 - 300kms. Perhaps more frequent if travelling with children or if older than 50.
  3. Cockpit - Adjust your car seat so the base horizontal and lumbar support engaged. Try a small pillow behind your low back if you feel more support is needed. Make sure mirrors are correct and have a water bottle close at hand for hydration.
  4. Equipment - Pack a football, tennis ball or frisbee and pre mark on your GPS the local sports ground or school for activity stops.
  5. Driving Technique - Consider driving with a small pillow on your lap to support the weight of your arms. Try holding the steering wheel at 8 and 4 o’clock as this lessens neck, shoulder and arm fatigue = greater comfort and safety.
  6. Activity - When driving remain active; wiggle side to side, pelvic rock and shrugs shoulders. Music helps. Pick an appropriate safe time to perform these movements.

Brought to you by;

Esperance Physiotherapy - Caring for your Health.

5 William Street Esperance WA 6450

08 90715055


Did you know that the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) coordinate the ‘What Did You Think of My Customer Service’ business cards program, where the public nominate people who have given them good customer service for the ECCI Customer Service of the Month Award. This system encourages people to recognise good customer service as and when they receive it.

Anyone can nominate an individual for the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry Customer Service of the Month Award.

Providing great customer service is vital to a thriving business and it is exciting to see excellent customer service skills recognised. Good customer service adds value to any business and business owners should be proud of the achievements of their staff.

We congratulate those who have been nominated and we encourage all local businesses to continue to provide great customer service, which helps to make the Esperance business community thriving, friendly and vibrant.

If you would like to know more about the Customer Service Award and how to nominate, please contact the ECCI office on 9071 5142 or

State Election Issues

The main state related issues that have been raised by our members are increasing the payroll tax threshold to 1.5M, reducing red tape, preserving the integrity of Royalties for Regions, reliable and costs effective air services, better collaboration for the Tourism Industry and improving telecommunications. The ECCI is very keen to hear any comments you may have on any of these as well as any other topics that you would like us to look at. All feedback on this is encouraged.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA - State Election Interactive Map

For the upcoming state election CCIWA have created a great online resource that enables you to have your say about the issues that matter in your electorate. CCIWA wants to hear from you – what issues are holding your business back and keeping you up at night? CCI’s Helping Business Work Map enables business owners to post their concerns onto a dedicated page for their electorate – please use the link for more information.

Small Business Development Corporation Business Expectations Survey 2017

Each year the SBDC conducts a business expectations survey to gauge the sentiment of small business owners around the State. Since 2004, they’ve been collecting this information to create an ongoing snapshot of the small business environment in WA. The information allows the SBDC to compare changes year on year, and is used to inform small business policy development and service delivery. If you’re running a small business in WA, they would really appreciate hearing from you.

The SBDC 2017 survey is quick and easy to complete and the results will be published later in the year. The survey is open from 9 – 23 January.

Australia Day at Work (ADAW) – Get Involved!

Australia Day at Work is intended to encourage people to celebrate with their workmates and Australia Day WA’s aim is to get people to register on the website and promote their involvement and Australia Day at Work event on social media using #australiaday. This is a way that people can celebrate Australia Day in the week leading up to the public holiday and create/enhance their workplace community engagement – low cost – just put on a few sausage rolls and lamingtons if that’s all they want to do. for an Australia Day at Work and you'll receive a FREE Australia Day event pack with printable decorations, recipes and games ideas. Plus you could WIN one of 20 catering packs valued at $300.

To ensure your Australia Day at Work event is part of the official Australia Day celebrations, remember to take a photo and post it on Twitter using #australiaday so everyone can see how you mark the occasion. See link below for more info and I encourage you to share this with your members, and attached are some images you can use where appropriate.

Work Cover WA

Work Cover WA have been visiting quite a few regional towns and cities in the past few months to chat about employer liability, workers compensation and injury management and what employers need to know. Below is some information they have forwarded which I am sure many of you would be interested in.

“Did you know workers’ compensation claims can be made by employees, some contractors, casual and seasonal staff? Workplace injury claims can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you employ staff, you must obtain the necessary insurance to avoid being held personally liable for the cost of claims and penalties for not having insurance. More information about insurance requirements is available at

Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) Feedback Survey
The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) aims to create an environment in which local businesses can thrive. We do this through acting as a 'voice' for local business at Local, Regional, Statewide and Federal Levels. We also work locally to disseminate information to local businesses that can help them to grow their customer base and we facilitate and deliver local events and training that promote networking and skill development to enhance business services.

The ECCI would like to hear from our members and our non-members to find out more about how we can help local business and to help us identify our priorities for 2017 and beyond. If you could please take a moment to answer the questions below this will help us to help local business and would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to go into the draw to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet please include your business contact information. You can choose to copy and paste the questions into the comments section of this status or you can choose to Private Message your responses to us. All responses that include contact details will be eligible to win the Prize which will be drawn at the ECCI Executive Committee Meeting in February 2017.

Please click here to access the survey and submit your responses.
Expressions of Interest for Business After Hours 2017
The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) are calling for Expressions of Interest by local businesses who would like to host on of our monthly Business After Hours (BAH's) networking functions in 2017.
BAH’s are a great opportunity to showcase your business, products and services to other members of the Esperance business community in a relaxed sundowner environment.
Business After Hours - Quick Facts
  • An average of 40 people attended each BAH in 2016
  • BAH are traditionally held on second Thursday or Friday of each month
  • Each BAH typically runs from 5pm - 7pm
What is a BAH host responsible for?
  • Providing a venue for the event
  • Providing nibbles and drinks for attendees
  • Making a short, five minute presentation promoting their business
  • Providing a door prize (this doesn’t have to be large, and we encourage businesses to provide something related to their business).
What is the ECCI responsible for?
  • Inviting all ECCI members
  • Taking RSVPs
  • The ECCI can provide wine glasses and drinks tubs for hosts to use
  • Creating name badges for attendees
  • MC-ing the BAH, including making a short presentation
Please click here to download an EOI for BAH's 2017
Tourism Esperance Update

Tourism Esperance have released the Experience Esperance 2017-2018 Booklet which is a fantastic marketing tool for our community and region. 

As many of us know - Esperance hosts an abundance of extraordinary beauty in some of the world's best beaches and pristine coastline. Nowhere else can you savour endless stretches of easily accessible beaches that boast the brightest, whitest sand and crystal clear turquoise waters. Experience breathtaking National Parks, unique attractions, hidden getaways, hot summer days by the seaside, or sample the diverse local arts and produce scene... from ~Experience Esperance 2017-2018~

ECCI Members can obtain a copy from the ECCI Office located at 26B Dutton Arcade Building, Dempster Street and you can also pick up a copy from the Esperance Visitor Centre located in Museum Village.

Thanks to Jaimen Hudson for his stunning image on the Cover and Congratulations to Yirri Grove Olive Farm, Esperance Eggs and Lucky bay Brewing for the fabulous centre feature.

Horizon Power - Update on Outage Monday 19 December
Horizon Power Media Release - 20 December 2016 - Esperance outage caused by incorrect tree pruning. 
Horizon Power apologises to customers in the Esperance region for the unplanned power outage experienced Monday afternoon.  The cause of the outage was, in part, due to a farmer cutting a tree in close proximity to a powerline resulting in one of the branches falling on the line.  Horizon Power would like to remind customers that vegetation management in the vicinity of our powerlines is very dangerous and is best carried out by an accredited contractor. 
A permit is required from Horizon Power should any work, including vegetation pruning, be planned within a powerline corridor, which extends 10 metres either side of a powerline.  Acting Manager Goldfields Esperance Business Frank van der Kooy said arrangements may also be required for Horizon Power to disconnect the power prior to pruning taking place.  “We require a minimum of seven business days’ notice to be able to process the permit, schedule the disconnection and provide three days’ notice to any of our customers who may be impacted,” Mr van der Kooy said.
For further information, contact the Goldfields Esperance office on 9072 3400 or email
Esperance Rural Clinical School Update

The Rural Clinical School have revamped their website and are now on Facebook and Twitter. The link below will take you to RCS Alumni stories including four ex-Esperance students – Robyn McIntyre, Paul Ricciardo and Dale Bosenberg who have returned to Esperance whilst Xavier Harvey is now working as a surgical registrar in Echuca, Victoria.

When you have a moment, please check out the website. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter the Rural Clinical School would love you to follow them (FB page The Rural Clinical School of WA and Twitter @RCS_WA). Please feel free (and actively encouraged) to spread the word about the website, alumni stories, Facebook and Twitter across your networks as the Rural Clinical School is really keen to get their story “out there”.

Rex Airlines Update
The ECCI attended an Aviation Meeting at the Shire of Esperance with the Department of Transport and Rex Representatives and raised questions on behalf of our Business Members in regards to the airline services provided.  The Department of Transport and Rex Airlines have released information in regards to Frequently Asked Questions which can be accessed here.
Horizon Power Update

Some of our ECCI Business Members have discussed concerns with us regarding their electricity costs.  ECCI staff met with Horizon Power representatives to voice these concerns and to obtain information for our members. 


Horizon Power advises that electricity tariffs are uniform across the State, which is State Government Policy.  Only very large business companies such as mining companies and Government customers are on cost reflective tariffs that reflect that full costs of supplying them with power.  The uniform tariffs for residential, small and medium businesses continue to be significantly lower than the average cost to supply electricity because they are heavily subsidised by the State Government.  Horizon Power has provided information including Fact Sheets for Residential, Small and Medium Business and Large Enterprise Pricing for our members.  You can also view more information on the Horizon Power website at:


You can also contact the Horizon Power Retail and Community Manager at the Esperance Office on (08) 9166 4700

Please click here for the Horizon Power Residential Pricing Information Fact Sheet which can also be found at:


Please click here for the Horizon Power Small to Medium Business Pricing Information Fact Sheet which can also be found at:


Please click here for the Horizon Power Large Enterprise Pricing Information Fact Sheet which can also be found at:
Please click here for the Horizon Power Easy Ways to Save Power Fact sheet which can also be found at:
Jetty Replacement Working Group Announced

At a Special Council Meeting held on Tuesday 6 December, the Esperance Shire Council determined the Jetty Replacement Working Group Members. Membership for the Jetty Replacement Working Group with voting rights are:

  • Council Representatives: Shire President Victoria Brown; Deputy President Natalie Bowman; Councillor Paul Griffiths and Kevin Hall (Deputy Lara McIntyre)
  • Southern Ports Authority Mr Alan Byers
  • Tourism Esperance Mr Wayne Halliday
  • Goldfields Esperance Development Commission Mr Shane Flanagan
  • Community Representatives:  Ms Tori Castledine; Mr David Dwyer; Mr Roger Ellett and Ms Julie Starcevich (Deputy Graham Gath).
A copy of the revised Terms of Reference is available on the Shire website at:
Congratulations to the WA Regional Small Business Awards Winner and Finalists
The ECCI would like to acknowledge Esperance Psychology on Winning the 'Best Small Business Award for 0-4 Employees' at the WA Regional Small Business Awards held in Perth on Friday 11th November 2016. We would also like to contgratulate Esperance Toyota who made it to the State Finals.  To all other businesses who entered a submission - you are an amazing example of local talent and we salute you.
Welcome to the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry new Chief Executive Officer
The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes Kylie Ryan to the ECCI Team as the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer.  The ECCI would also like to acknowledge and thank Tori Castledine for her dedication and commitment during her time as CEO and wish her the very best for the future. 

Last Chance to Have Your Say - CCI Business Expectations Survey
The latest CCI Survey of Business Expectations is your chance to put the issues that matter to business front and centre of CCI’s policy agenda. As we head into the 2017 State election, completing the survey will elevate your voice to key decision makers and guide CCI’s advocacy on behalf of the business community. Click here to complete the survey.
GE Connect - Discount for Members
The Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry is excited to be partnering with the Kalgoorlie-Boulder CCI to deliver Goldfields-Esperance Connect, a region-wide business directory. GE Connect will be distributed through the Goldfields-Esperance region, from Kalgoorlie to Ravensthorpe, Businesses who advertise in the directory will also be promoted on the GE Connect website. Members of the ECCI will receive a 15% discount on their advertising in GE Connect, all advertising sales close Friday 2 September. The directory will be distributed in November. Please contact Tammy Maloney on 0439 746 140 or or click here for a booking form. 
Complete Your 2016 Apprentice and Trainee Registrations Now!
Now is a great time to beat the rush to secure quality apprentices and trainees for your business.

Apprenticeship Support Australia can assist you to:

  • Advertise for free on our Jobs Board
  • Assess your eligibility for government incentives and payroll tax exemption
  • Register your training contract
  • Access to our mentor and advisory services

To register your 2016 apprentice and trainee please book online here or call our team on 1300 363 831 or your Esperance Industry Training Consultant, Cher Cole on 0427 716 781 to make an appointment. For more information please click here.