There are many benefits of being a Member with the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI).  As a Not-for-Profit Organisation, the ECCI relies on Memberships and Sponsorships in order to exist to support Locally and Regionally Based Businesses.  The ECCI has a strong 'Esperance First' focus and strongly encourages those living in the community and the region to Buy Locally as well as encouraging businesses to Sell Globally.

The ECCI maintains regular communication with our members, and can help to promote our member businesses through our multiple media channels including local and regional radio and newspapers, social media and our website.  We also help our members to communicate with each other and the wider community.
The Chamber hosts regular activities and events to support local businesses including education and training, information sessions and forums, and practical hands-on workshops.  Some of the topics covered so far include social media and marketing, writing tender submissions, improving customer service, and financial management systems.
Being a member of the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Industry comes with many benefits:
  • We represent and advocate on behalf of local business with Local, State and Federal Government
  • We work actively with key stakeholders in the region to advocate for economic investment and industry development
  • We provide support for your business when you require assistance with tendering, planning and other applications 
  • We keep our members informed about business relevant regulation and legislation
  • We coordinate education, training, workshops and other skill development opportunities
  • We coordinate networking events to inform and promote our member businesses
  • We identify and share information about local and regional trends and opportunities for business growth
  • We can help our business members to access statistics and demographics to help identify your target customers
  • We promote our business members via our website, multiple social and other media channels                                                       

Support your Local Chamber of Commerce

Supporting your local Chamber of Commerce is supporting locally and regionally based businesses. The Esperance Chamber of Commerce is here to advocate for economic investment and industry development in our community and region - for the benefit of business growth and prosperity.
Please think about partnering with us as a Member or Sponsor and show your support for business in Esperance and the South East Coastal Region.

For more information about the benefits of being a Member and/or sponsor with the ECCI please contact (08) 9071 5142 or email

Please click here for a 2019 ECCI Membership Application Form